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    Yellowspot specialises in the provision of supply chain software to the construction industry.
    An understanding of the key business processes integral to managing contracts adds real value to our flagship
    product iPROCURE.

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    Supply Chain Records

    Subcontract, Material & Plant Orders

    Procurement Schedules


    Performance Management


iPROCURE is designed to meet the specific needs of the procurement event schedule within the construction industry, improving collaboration among supply chain partners across the procurement process. It delivers measureable outcomes, particularly in reduced processing costs, greater order accuracy, reduced risk and enhanced efficiencies. iPROCURE is a completely integrated software package that encompasses all areas of purchasing operations.

Training and Installation

A project manager is assigned to coordinate the deployment process and ensure delivery to an agreed programme. They are also responsible for identifying training needs and undertaking these during the initial implementation.

Yellowspot believes that ‘ease of use’ is one of the key features to this IT solution. Experience has shown that due to its’ user friendly application, staff rapidly learn and embrace this product, appreciating how more efficiently their time is used.

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